About Us

The ManneqART Museum is the only one of its kind in the United States. Each year the ManneqART Museum will have over 50 different life size artworks that have been made by artists from around the country. The artworks are made to go on real humans. Photographs of the artworks on real people will be displayed with the sculptures to prove they really go on real people!

Four video screens will show the artworks moving to music. One screen will show the artworks being created and then being transformed into real clothes for wearable fashion. Art dresses, tunics and children’s tee shirts will be available in the Museum Store. Some artworks will have a ‘touchable’ element next to them so you can engage with the artworks in a tactile way. One of the artworks is made of 200 metal pot scrubbers. One is made of wood. One is made of ironed plastic bags. Photography is welcome.


Charter annual membership is $100. Includes free entry to the museum for one year, 20% off all workshops, 20% off rental of museum space for events, and 20% off all events held by the Museum.